The Palette Club Annual Open Exhibition

Exhibition Dates

Welcome to the Palette Club’s Website!

The Palette Club serves the artists of Sefton be they amateur or professional.

Our next exhibition will be at the Atkinson Art Gallery after what seems like a huge break! The format and procedure will be very similar to previous exhibitions and will be familiar to regular exhibitors. It is a juried exhibition, that is, one where work is selected for exhibition by the Palette Club Council. Work must be presented to a standard commensurate with gallery exhibition. Use our Exhibitors page to ‘Register Interest’ and we’ll email over the form needed to submit work.

(Rejected works will be collected the following Thursday.)

The exhibition will run from 1st April 2017 through until 7th May 2017.

Thanks and Appreciation

The Southport Palette Club Council thanks all of our Patrons for their generous contributions and support. Our thanks also go to the past and present volunteer council and committee members and the Atkinson Managers and their staff for their help and assistance over many years. Without their help, there would be no Palette Club.